About Me



Photography has been a passion of mine ever since my mother gave me a Kodak Box Brownie camera when I was 10 years of age.  Fortunately, my continued passion allowed me to develop my photographic skills in the days of the Darkroom.  The chemistry involved and the smell of the darkroom which went with developing the negatives and producing my own prints became an obsession.

I have been extremely fortunate in being able to travel the world and visiting all of the five continents extensively in the past 25 years.

 I am truly grateful to my mother Norma for showing me how to capture moments in time and my beautiful wife Diana who has shown me the wonders of travel and encouraged me to realise the dream.

On a personal note I live in Mandurah Western Australia which is a coastal town 70 Kilometers south of the capital Perth and is surrounded by internationlly renowned and registered wetlands under the Ramsar Convention and is a truly magnificant place to live.


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